The story of the 13-year-old who jumped to his death from his Mosholu Parkway apartment building keeps getting more tragic. The Bronx teen's mother — who was cooking dinner for her son when he took his own life — saw him take his fatal leap, the Daily News reports.

His aunt said, "She went out onto the terrace when she didn't see him in the living room anymore. She saw him falling midair. That's why she hasn't been able to talk much. She is in shock." According to the News, moments before he fell more than 20 stories from the Tracey Towers in Norwood, the boy told his mother that he was looking forward to going to basketball practice later that night.

"Normally attentive eighth-grader" Juda Agyemang wasn't acting like himself on the day of his suicide. When the teen couldn't focus on his assignment to create a blog about basketball, instructors had his parents pick him up and bring him home. After school instructor Jesus Galvez said, "He wasn't making much sense in what he was saying. He was engaged and then disengaged...It wasn't his normal behavior."

A commenter said yesterday, "I am actually in the same school with him. He was smart kid and played on the basketball team. He got sent home from camp interactive because he screamed at one of the people there. We don't even know if he jumped or fell. A lot of people were sad and were crying. I know i did."