2006_06_babpac.jpgThere are some things that Gothamist really hates reading about. Thursday afternoon in Queens, Kevin Gary Jr. was brought into Jamaica Hospital with some alarming injuries: a fractured skull and collar bone, swelling to his head and torso, and various bruises. Kevin's parents, Kevin Gary Sr. and Katrina Calloway , who originally planned to abandon him, are now awaiting arraignment on multiple charges including first-degree assault. There is also a history of abuse by the couple. Authorities said that they once bound the infant's wrists using a rubberband so he couldn't remove his pacifier. Kevin was then placed near a heater that caused burns severe burns. Even more shocking (if that's possible) is that Gary Sr. is 32 and Calloway is only 16! He was arrested on statutory rape charges shortly after Kevin's birth.

Can we all agree that both people should be locked up for the maximum of 25 years?