Remember Kara Alongi, the New Jersey teen who attracted over 100,000 new Twitter followers one night after she tweeted about an intruder in her house and then vanished? And then local police decided it was a hoax and that she left her house voluntarily after calling for a cab? Authorities have just released the 911 call that Alongi made when she finally alerted a worried nation to her whereabouts. You can listen to it in all its cringe-inducing glory below:

Two days after her September 30th "disappearance," Alongi placed the call from a Burger King in a rest stop along the NJ turnpike, telling a state trooper: "A few days ago I was inside and some guy came and made me go. ... I was in my house and some guy came in and told me that I had to do all this stuff. And I was on a bus and now I’m here....I don't know his name, but he was black and he said he was, like, 28... He told me I had to go into a cab and I had to meet someone, but I don’t remember where I was."

Pressed for more details by the state trooper, Alongi responds, "There was a cab at my house and I went in and then I went into the train station and then I don’t remember where I was. ... And I woke up today in, I don't know, somewhere, it was like the country [muffled], and now I’m here."

Clark, NJ Police Chief Alan Scherb tells Patch that his department stands by its claim that Alongi was not abducted, despite what she claimed in the 911 call. However, police have not brought any charges against Alongi, and Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso had decided not to charge the family for the costs of the extensive manhunt that resulted from her tweet. Three months later, Scherb says the investigation remains ongoing.