Want to know if your favorite NYC beach is currently being tickled by fecal-fused waves? There's no an app for that, but there is a number you can text with your cell phone. The Health Department announced today that they're launching a free texting service to provide subscribers alerts about any advisories, closures, or water quality issues. Like when torrential rain causes raw sewage to be released into city waterways.

To sign up, simply text BEACH to 877-877 to get the status of your beach. "The Health Department is responsible for beach surveillance and routine water quality monitoring of all public and private beaches in New York City, and regularly tests the City’s beach water to make sure it is safe for swimming," the announcement explains. "When water quality near the beaches is compromised from excessive rain runoff, sewage or other pollution events, it can pose health risks to swimmers."

If you're unfamiliar with this recondite text message technology, you can also find regularly updated information on beach conditions online here.

The NYC Parks Department will open the eight public beaches under its purview for swimming on Saturday. (A 2012 report found that they're actually pretty clean!) Here's our thorough guide to local beaches.