A ninth person has died from swine flu, according to the NYC Health Department: "The death occurred in a person in their mid-50s with an underlying condition that increased the risk of severe illness from flu." So far, 428 New Yorkers have been hospitalized and there are 694 confirmed cases of swine flu. Yesterday, acting director of the CDC Dr. Richard Besser said that people could very well be getting two flu shots—one for the regular flu, another for the H1N1 virus—this fall, because health officials expect the swine flu to come back, "My biggest concern is complacency, a sense that we dodged a bullet here. I don't think we can let our guard down." He added that the CDC would take the summer to examine the effect of the school closures, "Clearly, schools can be seen as an area where there's a multiplier effect. But you also have to understand what happens when the schools close. Where do the children go? Do they become less of a multiplier or more of a multiplier? I don't know that we have the answers to any of that."