Hey taxpayers, we just spent $32,000 on a Department of Health designed Heroin guidebook, complete with helpful illustrations! Just think of all the smack we could have gotten with that money. 70,000 copies of the 16-page pamphlet were printed out, and it's unsurprisingly garnering criticisms from just about everyone.

The tip sheet tells heroin users how to prepare and inject the drugs in a safe manner that can help addicts avoid infection. According to 1010Wins, DEA Special Agent-In-Charge John Gilbride says the handout is "very disturbing" and described it as "a step-by-step instruction on how to inject a poison" — while the city health officials contend the flier will help save lives. The how-to heroin guide includes illustrations accompanied by junkie lingo and text such as: "Warm your body (jump up and down) to show your veins... Only 'boot' once or twice in one shot."

Amongst those criticizing the DoH is Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr. who, according to the Post, said it was "sick... It sends a message to our youth: give it a try." Perhaps the Department of Education should screen Trainspotting to counteract it.