Thousands of health care walkers rallied all over the city to protest his proposed health care cuts. They rallied in Midtown outside Governor Spitzer's offices and outside hospitals; the Reverend Al Sharpton was with protesters in Harlem.

With 36,000 jobs at stake, health care union Local 1199's head, Dennis Rivera, said, "Gov. Spitzer, you take great pride about how mean you are, how tough you are, how you can steamroll people, how you can crush people. We are of a different ilk: We're about love. We are about taking care of people who are coming to our hospitals when they are most vulnerable."

Spitzer and Local 1199 have been sparring with each other by airing ads. Though there was a momentary truce, the ads were back on - the health care union's ads questioning why Spitzer is turning his back against the people who voted him into office and Spitzer's ads include one with a choir of children singing Hallelujah about his health care reform. The Sun reports that one lobby has pulled funding from the Local 1199 ads.

Photograph of the health care rally in Midtown by kerfuffle & zeitgiest on Flickr