At a health care reform town hall in Fresh Meadows Wednesday, one angry attendee warned Anthony Weiner, "Last time I looked this is still America—not China, not Russia, not Cuba," and last night in Midwood the congressman got more of the same. During a noontime meeting at the Council Center for Senior Citizens, one elderly constituent opined, "It's a Socialist country!" The crowd cheered, for surely all in attendance proudly refuse such "Socialist" handouts as Social Security and Medicare. But the bigger issue yesterday was that the meeting delayed the center's lunch service. Hungry retired postal worker David Figman told the Daily News, "I came to eat and I came to eat on time. They are having chicken marsala today and the food is good." More seniors grew impatient as the meeting dragged on past 12:15, and 61-year-old Linda Lefton fumed, "Usually our lunch starts at noon. I think he is going to cause us to delay our lunch. That's no good." 76-year-old Albert Fink moaned, "I'm just hungry." Finally, administrators interceded to end the forum at 12:22 p.m., but it makes ya' wonder: Why is Obama trying to euthanize seniors with forced starvation?