2005_11_health_transfat.gifChewing the Fat

Despite an August advisory by the health department to cut the use of trans saturated fats in NYC restaurants, very few kitchens have actually changed their recipes, according to AM New York. Apparently taste and cost are driving factors. Notable exceptions are the Whole Food Markets, which don't carry products made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and Dive Bar, an Upper West Side burger joint that only uses trans-fat free oil in their fries.

Quiz Show

Anyone who suffered through the drudgery of college chemistry may find John Halpin a godsend. The NYU Professor has set up a buzzer system in his general chemistry lecture course for students to chime in with answers to posed questions. Response has been mixed, however, as students are charged $10 per hand held unit, which can also keep track of course attendance. But, it does seem to make the course less of a lecture and allows even the shyest of nerds to participate.

2005_11_health_mtabus.jpgFairer Fares

The New York Times reports that after a several month legal battle, 6 environmentally safer hybrid cabs hit the streets this past week. The Taxi and Limousine Commission had originally refused to honor several medallions they had auctioned to owners willing to use hybrid or natural gas cabs. But then the City Council passed a bill over the summer "persuading" the TLC to put the Ford Escapes into full use. Look for them in your neighborhood!

On a similar note, keep an eye out for Proposition 2 when you hit the voting booth this Tuesday. If passed, the $2.9 billion bond act will provide half that amount to the MTA for the addition of 250 hybrid, cleaner fuel burning buses to their fleet.