Drivers, think twice before failing to yield to pedestrians or using your cellphone: The NYPD is on day one of a two-day crackdown on drivers who aren't paying attention to the rules of the road.

The NYPD announced last night that it was started a "citywide initiative to address the use of cell phones/texting while driving and failing to yield to pedestrians."

The NYPD reminds all New Yorkers that the use of a hand held cell phone and texting while driving a vehicle is illegal. Driving while operating, talking, or texting on a cell phone or other similar hand-held device is extremely dangerous and endangers the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

In addition, preserving the right of way for pedestrians is a primary focus of the NYPD’s traffic safety mission. Motor vehicle operators are also reminded that yielding to pedestrians at intersections is paramount to the safety of all New Yorkers.

The first day of the initiative will begin midnight, Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 and will conclude 24 hours later. The second day of the initiative will begin midnight, Friday, May 16th, 2014 and will conclude 24 hours later.

The NYPD strongly encourages safe driving and asks the public to use their seatbelts and use a hands free device when driving.

Failure to yield to pedestrians results in 3 points on your license and improper use of a cellphone is 5 points. Of course, a texting driver who KILLED A MAN got no jail time, so...