2005_06_nybight_sst.jpgForecasting the weather is rarely like flipping a coin. Usually you have a pretty good idea what the high or low temperature will be within a few degrees. Today, however, we have a heads or tails choice. A high pressure system is sinking down from the north and we'll have winds out of the east today.

If those winds are strong enough we'll be cooled by air from over the ocean, surface temperatures for the Atlantic are in the lower- to mid-60s. Inland areas may heat up but temperatures will struggle to get out of the lower 70s for much of the city. If the winds are weak, surface heating will be greater than the ocean influence and the city will warm to around 80. The Weather Service is flipping for the lower temperature while weather.com is gambling on the higher.

Tomorrow's forecast is more certain. For the solstice and the first day of summer it'll be in the mid- to upper-80s with a chance of thunderstorms later in the day. Just right for pagan sun-worshipping rituals!

This morning's sea surface temperatures from Rutgers University