2008_07_marburytat.jpgA reader pointed out that though the Post and NY Times mentioned that Knicks captain Stephon Marbury had a new tattoo on the left side of his head, neither publication bothered to bless the public with an image of this new addition.

The NY Times described it as "a replica of his Starbury shoe logo" while the Post said it was the "'3' logo found on his Starbury sneaker and apparel line." Deadspin and SPORTSbyBROOKS each made their own renderings, inspiring us to imagine as well.

Talk of an imminent Marbury departure has dominated Knicks scuttlebutt, since management has agreed to a deal with point guard Chris Duhon, whose agent said, "we've been given all assurances that they're not bringing Chris here to sit on the bench." Marbury told reporters on Friday, “Right now, I’ve been told that I’m going to be playing basketball here...I mean, I love New York, I want to play basketball here. But I understand it’s a business. And in this business, things happen. I don’t take it personal. I just continue to do what I do.”

Other great Marbury moments: His rambling interview on Mike'd Up, his love of the Big Onion, going AWOL, and admitting to luring an MSG intern into his truck. And you can get Starbury goods at Steve & Barry's (as long as they are still open).