A Halloween addendum: Mayor Bloomberg marched in the Jackson Heights Halloween Parade Tuesday night (it's hard to tell who looks more uncomfortable in this picture - the Mayor or the baby.) We like the Mayor's orange sash and we understand he wore a suit to still look mayorly. But an easy costume could have been a "Mike in 2008" pin on the label for "Bloomberg the Presidential Candidate." Or maybe he could have gone as mayor-who-answers-reporters'-questions (The Politicker writes about how he's a difficult subject to question). But there is one thing he won't disguise: How good a job he thinks he's doing.

Other political news:
- The NY Times examines (and takes a lonely picture of) Christopher Callaghan who, if elected to State Comptroller, would control one of the biggest pension funds in the country.
- Barry Popik at Room Eight thinks the position of Public Advocate is about done.
- Political opponents are focusing on drivers to find dirt - Cuomo is now saying Pirro's driver made way too much overtime.
- The race for the 20th District Congressional seat is so heated that incumbent John Sweeney is calling challenger Kirsten Gillibrand a Manhattan liberal.

Photograph by Kristen Artz