We've been intrigued with He-Man, the man who walks around in muscle shirts (or shirtless) in the Union Square/Flatiron /Madison Square Park neighborhoods, since 2007 and, thanks to an Observer story, now his secrets are revealed. Well, secrets like his name (Mike Nelson), his stats ("6-foot-4, with a 50-inch chest, a 34-inch waist and 19-and-a-half-inch biceps attached to shoulders the size of bowling balls"), and dreams (bodybuilding: "He’s aiming to be ready for competition by the end of summer, after he loses 25 pounds of fat, and then gains 40 in muscle"). Nelson also has a rubber left eye (from an incident in a NJ prison; he received a $270,000 settlement), has danced at bachelorette parties, battled drug addiction and the Asser Levy gym is sort of like his Castle Grayskull. And he does know about the FindHeman.com website—apparently some cops told him. But read the article for the amazing life of the Most Powerful Man in the Universe (or at least a 10-block area).