thompson2.jpgGoing against the grain of current political conventional wisdom, city Comptroller William Thompson accepted "full responsibility" for the sad state of affairs in his office that allowed Tracy Ball to siphon millions of dollars from city coffers and blow it on bling. From the New York Post:

Thompson said "the cause of this breach was primarily due to unauthorized disbursements by the bank," which was not supposed to allow electronic withdrawals.

"Nevertheless, my office did not detect these fraudulent transactions due to human error," and "I take full responsibility."

We're guessing Thompson recognized that once 3.6 million bucks have been passed, it all has to stop somewhere, and it may as well be with him. Back in September of last year, we wrote about Thompson's prowess in collecting money when it was for his potential mayoral campaign. The Comptroller is probably best known for his very public criticism of Mayor Bloomberg's Snapple deal, which Thompson correctly predicted was not that great for the city.