accuwx_heat.jpgThere's a slow-motion battle of the blobs shaping up in the atmosphere above the eastern U.S. this week. So far this summer our weather has been dominated by the Beast of the East otherwise known as the Bermuda High. The clockwise flow of air around the Bermuda High brings us the heat and humidity of the tropics. Later in the week the jet stream, which is already to our north, is going to retreat further northward. This move will allow the Pest from the West, the heat wave that has been baking the southwest and southern Plains, to move northward then eastward.

So, the next few days will be warm and humid, with at least a chance of rain showers throughout the period. There's nothing much in the way of an atmospheric disturbance to set off the rain today, but with so much moisture in the air a shower or two in the late afternoon is not out of the question. Showers and a thunderstorm are much more likely tomorrow and Thursday. Rainfall could be intense as a low pressure system approaches the region.

A cold front should tail the low pressure system, ushering in some drier air on Friday. The "cold" part of a cold front is a misnomer in mid-July. It looks like this weekend will have the hottest weather of the year so far. Just in time for the Siren Music Festival, Saturday and Sunday are both shaping up to be sunny, with highs around 90. Getting out of town isn't really an option, as the closest cool spot is likely to be somewhere in Montana.

Heat wave graphic from AccuWeather.