maxtemps_0608.jpgIt's a gunk alert day! Add warm air, high humidity, plenty of sun and not much wind and you get an air stagnation advisory. The advisory is in effect from ten this morning to eleven tonight as we'll be dealing with elevated ozone amounts in the city and surrounding counties. To reduce adverse health effects the state Department of Environmental Conservation recommends avoiding strenuous activity while outdoors.

The good news is it won't be as hot today as we thought earlier in the week. Central Park should top out at around 86 or 87 degrees. The warm front responsible for the heat is approaching at a more southerly angle than originally expected. The southerly flow means the warm air will cool a bit as it passes over the ocean. You can see the ocean's effect in the temperature forecast map, where highs in western New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be into the 90s, while points east will be several degrees cooler.

The southerly flow also means the humidity will build throughout the day. A cold front is approaching this evening and it is likely to kick off a few thunderstorms given the heat and humidity into which it is plowing. We won't see the tornadoes and baseball-sized hail that hit the upper Midwest yesterday, but there may be a few intense showers between nine tonight and eight tomorrow morning.

A few showers may stick around for a while tomorrow but the day should gradually dry out. Highs tomorrow will be around 80. Sunday will be a couple degrees cooler and sunny. Ignore that Weather Channel forecast for mostly cloudy skies, as it is crazy talk. Sunday, and all of next week is currently looking to be mostly clear with pleasant temperatures.

Today's high temperature forecast map from the National Weather Service.