After a whole lotta drama, New York City's most famous couple, red-tailed hawks Pale Male and Lola, will get their Fifth Avenue digs back - and they'll be better than ever. For starters, an actual human architect, Dan Ionescu (assisted by Beyer Blinder Belle) has designed a 8 foot by 3 foot stainless steel basket that will attach to 927 Fifth Avenue. Of course, the Audobon was also consulting on the project to make sure things like the hawks can fully extend their wings with the new protective guard rails. Designers are repurposing twigs from the old nest in the new one, showing everyone that you can keep some old elements in your new place. Now, Gothamist hopes that everyone can be happy and obssess about the usual things we do during this time, like how to make bows on our gifts perfectly curly.

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