The co-op board of 927 Fifth Avenue and the Audobon Society have agreed on an arrangement that would allow NYC's new favorite family, Pale Male and his red-tailed hawk brood, to return to the posh Fifth Avenue building's perch. After many days of protest and media coverage, 927 Fifth agreed to the construction of a protectivestructure that would prevent debris from the nest from falling. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission must approve the design, but it's expected to give the okay. Yes, the LPC probably doesn't want to deal with the bad press of preventing protected birds from making a home in the city.

And in protester news, Pale Male admirer/activist, Lincoln Karim who maintain the PaleMale.com website, was charged with stalking 927 Fifth Avenue co-op board first lady, Paula Zahn, yesterday. There have been a number of incidents where Karim has approached Zahn's children (including telling her 7 year-old son with co-op board president Richard Cohen, "Your parents are going ot pay for this"), and last night, Karim was charged with harrassment, stalking and endangering the welfare of a child. Protesters made their way to the 19th Precinct, where they thought Karim had been arrested on civil rights issues; Mary Tyler Moore also went to the station house.

Gothamist hopes that Pale Male, Lola, and all the other pigeonavores enjoy their Fifth Avenue digs once again. Now, onto stories of human-vs.-human apartment conflict.