Lawyers for the recently-reopened Hawaiian Tropic Zone have failed to convince a judge that a discrimination lawsuit against the restaurant should be dismissed. Now it's up to a jury to decide whether management at the Times Square HTZ turned Melody Morales down for a job because her deportment was too ethnic. Morales filed the suit back in January after managers allegedly told her, "We will not hire you because you have a 'speech problem.' You have a Latin accent. You don't speak white. You are ghetto."

In June, HTZ's attorneys tried to persuade the judge that Morales wasn't Tropic Zone material because she was actually a prostitute, citing "very filthy" photos of herself she posted on Craigslist. It's unclear whether Morales was posting in the "Adult" erotic section of the website, but the judge ultimately found that argument irrelevant, and is sending the suit to trial.

Morales's lawyer is looking forward to calling the 22-year-old Morales to the stand, and tells the Daily News, "They're going to see that she speaks very well. And I intend to depose all of the waitresses who work there because I am interested to see how well they speak." Something tells us it won't take long to fill the jury on this one.