The waitress who was rejected from her "dream job" as a bikini waitress at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone is now being accused of advertising herself as a Craigslist prostitute by lawyers for the restaurant chain. 21-year-old Melody Morales has filed a million dollar lawsuit against HTZ because a manager at the Times Square eatery rejected her application because he said that she had a "speech problem." The problem? It was "too ghetto."

Yesterday lawyers for the TroZo filed a motion for dismissal after claiming that Morales's picture appears on "very filthy," "unacceptable" and "improper" Web sites, where she presents herself in "an erotic way," according to the Post. These sites included postings on Craiglist for "companionship services," although it was unclear just what section she posted them in. When a judge asked if that meant the defense was accusing her of prostitution, the lawyer said, "Potentially that might be the case."

Morales' attorney did not deny the existence of said online photos, but told the judge that several of her pictures had been stolen from her website and put up on escort service sites.The News says that her lawyer "insisted all Morales wanted was a job where could wear a bikini to show off her ample assets."

The lawyer for Hawaiian Tropic Zone told the judge that forty percent of the waitresses at the restaurant were Latina, but said when it came to Morales, "This woman speaks in a way that's unacceptable to the management and the staff." As of the last report, Morales's vernacular was able to get her a waitressing job at an Ossining bikini bar up in Westchester.