Have you ever wanted to race Ryan Hall? Because now you can. The MTA has replaced the mouthy corridor of horror ads that previously graced the underground walkway from 57th Street to Columbus Circle with a 60' foot long, 26 panel video screen ad for Asics that stars the first U.S. runner to break the one-hour barrier in the half marathon. Sure, there was once plans for the corridor now dominated by Asics to have retail in it—but advertising money is presumably better for the MTA than no money, right?

The MTA says the campaign is

a win-win for the MTA and Asics. For the MTA, the campaign represents yet another way we’re thinking creatively to find new revenue streams that help fund our transit system. For Asics, the massive, coordinated “screen” vastly expands the possibilities of traditional advertising. For instance, at one point the ad asks, “Think you can keep pace with an elite marathoner? Ryan Hall is approaching in …” Numbers then countdown from ten to one, at which point an image of marathoner Ryan Hall runs across the glass, in real speed.

Of course, you want to be careful when racing Hall that you don't run right into one of the thousands of commuters and tourists who frequent the 59th Street station but that is a minor detail. Do you think video advertisements in subway stations are a good idea?