Mozart lovers, have you heard anything strange lately? The sweet sounds of The Magic Flute as filtered through...a parrot, perhaps? If so, you're not actually crazy—an opera-singing parrot has gone missing in Brooklyn, and her devastated owner needs your help finding her!

Allen Kirson says he and Captain Charlene, a yellow and green Amazon parrot, were biking along Ocean Parkway in Kensington on Friday afternoon when the Captain mysteriously disappeared. “I was on my way to see my friend and he sat perched on my shoulder as usual. After several blocks I realized that he was no longer on my shoulder. I retraced my steps, but he was gone," Kirson says. He told us this afternoon, "I feel like I lost a member of my family. That bird was very special, she was almost like a child to me. Everybody loved her."

Captain has "a huge vocabulary and loves to sing opera songs," and has even performed at senior citizen homes and children's hospitals. Kirson is afraid that Captain, whose wings are clipped, ended up in someone's backyard, where she could be attacked by a cat (or worse!). If you've seen or heard the Captain, call (347) 350-5914. Kirson told us he's chased down a few leads so far, to no avail: "I don't know how much longer I can take this pace. I'm 68. I'm crying and not sleeping at night. It's a real mental strain losing someone like this."

Here's a clip of the Captain in action: