Another thing that has been suffering in the snow? Mail delivery. Since Saturday was a holiday some folks haven't received anything form the post office since Friday. The USPS didn't even bother to try and deliver mail on Monday, and Tuesday's deliveries were relegated to first-class mail going on shortened routes. The Post Office promised the Times it was making "every effort to attempt mail delivery until the roads are cleared." Good, so what about today?

According to the USPS' website "Although road conditions continue to delay delivery and mail pickup, delivery is being attempted in all areas and conditions are improving by the hour. The 3-digit ZIP Codes most affected are: Long Island 005, 115, 117-119; and the Triboro area 103, 110-114 and 116."

And we did an informal internal poll around the office and found that postal workers made it to about half of us yesterday. So we figured we'd ask a wider audience. When did you get your mail?