mudskipper_via_flickr.jpgBlizzard of 2006, Gothamist salutes you! You had everything. Heavy snow, winds, even an early morning thunder and lightning display to wake us up. The bomb! Literally, this storm underwent what meteorologists sometimes call bombogenesis, or a extremely rapid intensification. As of noon, Central Park has officially recorded 22.8 inches of snow, making this the second snowiest storm on record. On December 26-27, 1947 Central Park received 26.4 inches of snow. We've gotten an inch or two more since noon and the final band of heavy snow is now passing through the city. At the rate it is currently snowing Gothamist thinks the old record is toast.

While the blizzard warning has been extended to 4 o'clock, the worst of the storm is over for the city. The wind will be with us for a while and it is going to blow the powdery snow around, creating some impressive drifts. If you have any pictures send them to send them to photos@goth or tag them Gothamist on Flickr.

Cold air moving in behind the snow storm and the snow on the ground itself will keep our temperatures down for the next couple of days. Later in the week it looks like we will warm up again to near 50 degrees.

Snowy guy in Brooklyn from Mudskipper (via Flickr)