One of the constants in our and many tri-state area residents' lives will change after tomorrow: Sue Simmons, the irrepressible WNBC 4 anchor, will close out her 32-year career at the station.

According to the Daily News, "The station looks back with on-air tributes starting on “Today in New York” and continuing on all newscasts at noon, 5 and 6 p.m. There will be highlights from her career and interviews with current and former colleagues and well-known New Yorkers. Chuck Scarborough worked with a team of producers to create a video presentation on Simmons’ career that will air at 11 p.m."

Reports suggested that the station didn't want to pay her $5 million anymore and some felt she was phoning it in. Simmons, who has admitted to heavier drinking during the 1980s, became even more viral when she dropped the F-bomb during a broadcast, although a more G-rated highlight is when she does groundhog impressions.

Also, here's one of her teasing Brian Williams: