Ooh, look at the 6-10 day temperature outlook. The National Weather Service is pretty confident that much of the country will be warmer than normal next week and beyond. It has been a long time, since before winter started, that we've seen such an extensive and extended period of above normal temperatures being forecast. However, we've got to get through the next few days before that warm weather arrives.

The high pressure system responsible for yesterday's sunny skies is somewhat unexpectedly keeping an approaching warm front well to our south today. That should let us warm to the mid 70s this afternoon and keep any rain away from the city until this evening. By tonight though, the high pressure will lose the battle and there will be a good chance of showers or thunderstorms. More of the same is expected tomorrow, tomorrow night and on into Friday as a series of shortwave pulses in the jet stream pass overhead. On the ground a northeasterly wind will keep daily highs to the mid 60s today and tomorrow.

Forecasts are all over the place for Saturday so, because it is a holiday weekend, let's be optimistic and say it will be partly sunny with a high in the low 70s. As the next high pressure arrives Sunday looks to be a bit sunnier and a bit warmer with a high of 75. Memorial Day is expected to be warmer still with a high near 80 degrees. Circling back to where this post began, highs near 80 are currently expected all next week.