This past weekend saw people come out in droves - and in costume - for the Idiotarod. The equation is roughly hipsters + shopping carts + clear day. When Gothamist spoke to someone about the event that involved pushing a shopping cart from Fulton Street to Tompkins Square Park, he said, "You know the subway party? And then the other subway party? And then the Chengwin thing? This made those events look sane. And it's the same people at every event!" And thank goodness for them, or else we wouldn't have these stirring images: rion has her trademark beautiful action shots (and congrats on the Bloggies nominations); and there's additional photo coverage from What I See (1, 2) untitled name (1, 2), and citying. And these low res-pictures are from Bluejake (1, 2), where the pictures are high-res and lovely.