When we heard that the Navy was being called in to help move the USS Intrepid from Manhattan's West Side to Bayonne, NJ for repairs, we thought that there would be some special Navy tricks employed to move the 27,000 ton aircraft carrier. But it turns out the Navy is just using a large bucket and shovel to remove the mud and dirt the Intrepid is mired in. Navy divers that checked out the situation yesterday could only see 2 feet in front of them in the Hudson's murky waters.

Officials hope the mud removal will only take a month, as there is concern about the Intrepid's condition - the "stern about a foot higher on the muddy speed bump than the bow." And the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers thinks 40,000 cubic yards of "Hudson River mud" will be removed; then the mud will go to Staten Island for "environmental processing." Hmm, if the Intrepid needs to raise money, maybe they should sell "Hudson River Mud - Strong Enough to Hold the Intrepid."

Photograph of a Navy diver jumping into the Hudson to examine the Intrepid by Kathy Willens/AP