Thanks to swank buildings like the ones that line Bond Street, the NoLIta/NoHo area is flush with fancy (and very expensive) apartments. Brace yourself for a few more. The Post today reports that Observer-owner and Ivanka Trump husband Jared Kushner is planning on turning the top two floors of the Puck building into posh penthouses. Because who doesn't want to pay a $15 million or more for "expansive" views of never ending construction and that Calvin Klein sexedvertisment?

According to a source familiar with the planning, Kusher & Co. "are designing six, very customized high-end homes with great finishes, big closets and layouts planned as if they were moving in themselves." The currently theoretical, energy-efficient units will range in size from 5,000 square feet to 8,500 square feet and could cost anywhere between $15 million to $50 million. Assuming he gets Landmarks approval, Kushner's team is also planning on adding new rooftop terraces for four of the units. All of the apartments will also share their own private lobby and entrance on Lafayette Street (presumably one of the ones that went to the old event space now being turned into a 39,000 square-foot REI showcase).

The plans are still being worked out—and who knows if there will be any need for luxury housing soon if the markets keep dropping—but it sounds like soon enough there will be some new neighbors bitching about the San Gennaro festival making noise beneath their "expansive" views.