Earlier this week an angry anonymous pamphleteer tossed thousands of anti-Obama fliers off of the Metrotech office complex in Downtown Brooklyn. It was said to be a profanity-filled poem of sorts (with an AA/BB rhyme scheme), and the Brooklyn Paper now has the full text; though reprinting it is only spreading the vitriol-filled message. Earlier this week the paper reported on the basics, saying it included the "F word" a whopping 29 times! One witness told them, “I think it’s ignorant—but this is America, so they have a right to free speech. But I don’t think they have a right to throw it in front of my store so I have to clean it up.” Another was less concerned with free speech, declaring: “That’s f—ed up. I wish I could smack the s— out of whoever did that.” So who is the culprit? Director of public safety for the Metrotech BID said, “I would say it’s a construction worker. That’s a secure building.” The developer of the building, the Clarett Group, claimed they had “not found any evidence that political fliers were dropped." See no evil, hear no evil.