The kooky Kansas "church" famed for its God-hates-fags message will be harassing Brooklyn Tech after school today and three synagogues on Saturday. Their spokeswoman, Shirley Phelps-Roper, also issued a contemptuous put-down of Brooklyn— asked whether she feared violent confrontations at the picketing locations, she replied: “Don’t flatter yourself, Brooklyn. We serve the living God. You mess with us, you’ll get double destruction for what you do.”

Fighting words/hate speech is nothing new to the Westboro Baptist Church. The Brooklyn Paper had reached their website yesterday, and found quotes like this:

"You Jews broke the covenant with God. The day is near. The beast is going to bring the nations to march upon Jerusalem. Your houses will be destroyed and your women ravaged. " “You have filled modern Jewry with abominations, forsaken God and broken His covenant... You thought the curses of the past year were bad (financial collapse, Madoff swindle, war in Gaza, Holocaust Museum shooting, Beast Obama in the White House, and more), but you haven’t seen anything yet!”

Language like that makes you understand why police are officially investigating a possible link between the group and the scattering of "Kill Jews" leaflets all over Boerum Hill on Tuesday, though the two incidents may be unrelated.

The group's website [ (!)] seems to have been smitten by the Lord and was down when we last checked it, but the locations of their protests on Saturday will be: Congregation Beth Elohim, Garfield and 8th Ave. in Park Slope, 9:45 am; Union Temple at Grand Army Plaza, 10 am; and the Kane Street Synagogue at Kane and Tompkins in Cobble Hill, 12:30 p.m. Bring a witty sign.

Update: some pictures from the protest in Fort Greene— looks like a lot of people showed up.