Prosecutors have announced that hate crime charges against 17-year-old Derrian Williams, who was accused of beating up 18-year-old Mexican immigrant Christian Vasquez last month, have been dropped, as an investigation proved Williams had "nothing to do with the attack." Vasquez was buying marijuana in a Staten Island park, and was jumped from behind during the drug deal. Vasquez has been unable to identify Williams as one of his attackers.

District Attorney Daniel Donovan said, "In light of applicable law governing this matter and Mr. Vazquez’s impugned credibility, we do not believe we could proceed with this prosecution of Mr. Williams to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt." Vasquez initially omitted the part of the story where he was buying drugs, claiming instead that he was walking home from the bus and was jumped. He previously said, "If they were after my money, they would have asked for it. They were after me because I was a Mexican."

Donovan added, "Although these omissions are serious, and his credibility as a witness has been markedly diminished, we do not believe that he fabricated an entirely false story regarding having been robbed and assaulted. Accordingly we have determined there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Christian Vazquez for perjury at this time."