Juror 11 in the John Gotti, Jr. racketeering trial cannot stand Juror 7, and the enmity between the two has gotten so intense that legal experts think it could result in a hung jury—which would be the fourth time federal prosecutors have been derailed by the jury. Yesterday Judge Kevin Castel intervened to try and make peace, but Juror 11, who works as a city procurement-contract analyst, seems to be at the end of her rope.

11 told Castel she was "getting a lot of innuendos" from 7, a female Postal Service worker who was the subject of an anonymous juror letter last week complaining about her vulgar language, pro-defense attitude, and happiness over not being at work. Apparently, 7 suspects 11 wrote the letter, and confronted her about it. When 11 tried to explain, 7 was all like, "I'd rather the phony people not speak to me at all." Oh, and later during a break in the hall "she started singing: 'Hater, hater,' " according to Juror 11, who told the judge, "I'm going to take it personally, because apparently she has an issue with me, and it's very uncomfortable. I'm 50-plus. I don't need this crap."

Judge Castel then called 7 into his chamber and told her, "I'm just asking you for help in being kind and considerate to all your fellow jurors." To which 7 replied, "I'm a beautiful person." According to the Daily News, Castel said, "You can be a person who helps me bring down the tension." When the trial resumed, Gotti's brother Peter testified that he stole $10,000 from his then-imprisoned older sibling by secretly collecting on a loan Junior made to a cousin.