Hasidic Jews! Hipsters! Luxury condos! All the Williamsburg drama you can bear in the Times story today about the Hasidic-hipster tensions in the neighborhood. There's hipster Mikey Weiss telling the Times, "These two Hasidic guys, dressed as Hasidically as you could possibly dress, came in and asked me what kind of people live in this neighborhood..." And then there's the flier "with drawing of the World Trade Center collapsing, and read, in Yiddish: 'How long did it take the Twin Towers to fall? Eight seconds. How long will it take for Williamsburg??? God Forbid.'" One of the issues is the new Gretsch building of condominiums, which will attract more non-Jews ("artisten") as well as drive up area rents. The Hasidim have picketed the Gretsch developers, who are Jewish, because as one said, "If it's a Jew, we can do something."

Should hipsters be added to the list of plagues? Gothamist previously on the Hasidic-Hipster unrest.