Shomrim, the Hasidic community's version of the NYPD, is (shockingly enough) being met with some unhappy reviews by residents of Williamsburg. While some say that the volunteer unit helps keep crime down, others contend that they blur the line of true authority and unfairly target minorities (just like the real NYPD).

In 2009, a 14-year-old boy was hit in the face with a walkie-talkie by a member of Shomrim, because he thought the boy had stolen a bike. Turns out the bike wasn't stolen, and the patrol man was charged with disorderly conduct. Hmmm... An authority figure attacking someone without reason? Sounds like the real NYPD again!

Not only that, but Shomrim also uses red lights on their cars (which are supposed to be only used by the real police) and speeds around the neighborhood, Williamsburg residents say. And we're not even talking about hipsters here—we're talking about real, actual people who matter.

As for the complaints against Shomrim, their leadership deny any wrongdoing. Again, it seems like we've heard that before.