2006_10_wmbrgmol.jpgWednesday evening, a man asked two young girls to help him look for his lost puppy, but he lured them into an alley on Ross Street in Williamsburg and fondled a 7 year old girl. The girl's friend ran to get her father, who chased the man. The man left in an SUV, and the father may have damaged the door. The incident has left the Hasidic community shaken, but community leader Isaac Abraham told NY1, “We live the old tradition of kids go out at night, babysitting, helping their parents. It's a very normal, active life. If you deprived them that, or you pull back from that, then you're basically an in-house prisoner." Abraham also said to WABC 7, "He was very lucky he wasn't apprehended on the streets, there would have been street justice."

The police also released a sketch of the suspected attacker - a heavyset Hispanic male. Earlier this year, the Hasidic community in Borough Park was on alert for a man (or men) molesting young girls.