The Post blew its wad too early with yesterday's cover story, "NYPD JEW," ab out the city's first Hasid joining the Police Academy. Why? It turns out that Joel Witriol didn't have enough academic credits to be accepted. Naturally, the Daily News loves pointing that out, as well as the fact the NYPD has hired Orthodox Jews in the past (but were they Hasidic?). Anyway, the Post notes the credit snafu and has a quote from Witriol ("I don't want to blame anyone but myself and look forward to starting, whether with this class or the next one.") who didn't submit his transcript until last week. The Post still tries to find the silver lining and leads with a married couple joining the academy.

And mazel tov to our commenter D who thought that "Kosher Pig" was probably a rejected headline from yesterday's Post story. It's pretty classic.