We just received a report that a female victim has been sexually assaulted by a man at Lexington Avenue and E 59th Street, "in transit system but outside the turnstile." According to the news wire, "Perp is a male hispanic about 4'11" wearing a black t shirt and jean shorts also has white head phones." Wait a minute...4'11" hispanic male...has the Upper East Side serial groper struck again?

We called the police, who said they didn't have any other information on the suspect as of yet, and warned that it would take at least a day before they could positively identify the perp as the serial groper who has been assaulting women throughout the Upper East Side for the past seven months. But suffice to say, the description perfectly matches that of the 4'11" groper, whose face was captured on surveillance camera on July 17 (which you can see in picture above).

The groper's last reported assault took place last weekend, when a 29-year- old was thrown to the ground and the suspect grabbed her crotch. We've spoken to two women who had close encounters with the serial groper in recent months. Police advise that if you are a victim of the suspect, you should first call 911; then you should contact their local precinct and fill out a report. If someone sees a person who looks like the groper, they should contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). Victims can also directly call the Manhattan Special Victims Squad (who deal exclusively with sexual crimes) at 212-860-6857.