An informal poll of 50 residents and business owners has the NY Post claiming that "petty thieves and drug users [are tying] to reclaim the streets after more than a decade of plummeting crime rates." After welcoming the gentrification, it seems like people are experiencing more muggings, house break-ins, violent assaults, and crack vials on the sidewalks than they would expect, given the quickly gentrifying neighborhood. One woman tells the Post, "I've seen it clean up and get better, but now crime is going back up. I was mugged last year right in front of my building, and a week later, my friend was mugged. It's scary." But the problem may lie in the gentrification, since people are feeling more secure and therefore may not be as careful in locking up and watching out. Police also say that more people need to report crimes, in order for them to catch the criminals.

Curbed notes that the Post also had a feature about babies overtaking Williamsburg - baby, meet the neighbor criminal! And for more Williamsburg: Free Williamsburg and Billburg.

Photo by Jake Dobkin, from his "rejected North Brooklyn" pictures.