The NY Times has broken this very important story about our former hooker-loving governor: Eliot Spitzer's application to join the Harvard Club of New York City was rejected: "This year, the Midtown club turned down Mr. Spitzer’s application for membership — a rare snub by the club — because officials there did not want to be associated with Mr. Spitzer and the prostitution scandal that forced him from the governorship of New York in 2008, according to a person told of the decision by Harvard officials." Maybe the club thought Client No. 9 would enjoy the reasonable rates for a Midtown hotel room!

Spitzer graduated from Harvard Law. The Times says that Spitzer didn't want to talk about the rejection at first, but then his spokeswoman offered this statement, "The decision by the Harvard Club’s admissions committee is disappointing... Last year, Harvard asked Eliot to speak on ethics at the school. He supports the institution financially. It would seem that whoever made this decision at the club is not on the same page as the university itself." Well, the club is apparently independent of the university.

The Times adds to the embarrassment of this snub by explaining, "Rejections are exceedingly rare, the two members said. The club, which has about 11,000 members, admits nearly everyone eligible who applies... By tradition, any two of the roughly 15 members on the club’s admissions committee can block an applicant from becoming a member, according to two members familiar with the process," but adds that he's still a member of the Princeton Club.