CBS Early Show host Harry Smith wasn't at work this morning—because he suspects he may have the H1N1 virus! While he's doing the right thing by not going into work and infecting coworkers and other people he might be commuting with, we are curious about Smith's self-diagnosis. From 1010WINS: "In an interview live from his New York City apartment Monday, Smith told CBS viewers he started feeling achy and feverish over the weekend after a 25-mile bike ride in the rain and dancing all night at a birthday party." Let's see, a 58-year-old man who biked 25 miles in the rain AND danced all night... yes, swine flu it is. Other symptoms include "Trouble breathing or shortness of breath," "Pain or pressure in the chest or stomach," "Sudden dizziness," "Confusion," and "Severe vomiting that won’t stop." And recently Rachel Maddow battled swine flu.