Judgment Day has come at last for depraved urban flip-flop wearers: This morning's flash flood warning from the National Weather Service was not a drill. Subway stairs have been suddenly transformed into majestic waterfalls, and the only way you can ford some of these subterranean lagoons is if you have a friend to carry you, or a faithful hound to ride on.

Brooklyn's High Street Station (Jake Dobkin / Gothamist)

Even then, one of you will probably get eaten by a subway shark...

(Courtesy Matt Toback)

Surface streets are no better; here's the scene in DUMBO, where a hand-crafted newspaper boat race is no doubt being scheduled for later today...

Jay Street river by Gothamist

Nobody's getting any work done anyway.

Flooded construction site/color study. #Brooklyn #flood #colorstudy #construction

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It's a big day for urban geyser fans!

And a big day for those who thought ahead and purchased a boat.

Gowanus, of course, is always the first to drown in toxic runoff. But for the rest of us, it's only a matter of time.

#flood #fun at work #anotherdayattheoffice #goodtimes #brooklyn #gowanus #gowanuscanal

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Fuck it, let's just go waterskiing on the FDR.

(Courtesy Mark Lewis Glickman)