2005_10_harrimiers.jpgWow, weeks of intense speculations from both political parties and the most inane patter-praise from the President can really do something: Harriet Miers has withdrawn her Supreme Court nomination. Maybe she was upset that her makeunder was so poorly received. Maybe she didn't want to go through the hassle of explaining her multi-party colors. Maybe she didn't want to see Rachel Dratch carried around by Will Forte anymore. Maybe she realized she was a terrible candidate and that the President really isn't that smart. Maybe she wanted to steal the thunder of any indictment of a senior White House official whose name rhymes with "Marl Cove" in leak of Valerie Plame. Gothamist is just happy that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is on the court for a little while longer - quick, speed up hearing some cases.

Gothamist on the nomination. And if you need a Harriet to fill the void, we suggest Harriet the Spy.