After a disastrous Q and A with the Times in which former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. revealed he officially moved to New York last year, gets chauffeured to work, and has only visited Staten Island by helicopter, the likely Senate candidate tried to prove he's a real New Yorker in an interview with the Daily News. "I love New York, I love the smell of New York. ... I love the subway," said Ford, who listed his hobbies as walking down Fifth Avenue at sunrise with a cup of coffee, strolling in Central Park, and jogging along the Hudson River. (Gawker has drafted a handy map so you can track Ford's appearances around the city).

Ford has come under fire from Democratic brass for considering challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. He has also taken heat for his record on abortion and same-sex marriage. So it's not too surprising that he only agreed to sit down with the tabloid on the condition that he wouldn't speak about "issues." But that strategy backfired when a reporter asked Ford about his alleged love of pedicures, and Ford acknowledged: "This race isn't about feet, it's about issues."

Ford's campaign denies reports that the 39-year-old gets regular pedicures, and insisted the possible candidate — who announced today he's taking a 30-day leave of absence from his Wall Street job so he can focus on his possible Senate bid — favors foot scrubs to treat his severe athletes' foot.