A trail of fresh blood helped lead cops to the suspected killer of a 48-year-old Harlem woman Saturday morning. Alexander Felix, 34, was arrested around 4 a.m. Saturday and charged in the murder of Eloise Liz, a mother of three who was stabbed to death in her West Harlem apartment earlier that morning.

Police followed a trail of blood from Liz's apartment building on West 153rd Street to Broadway, a half block away, the Daily News reports. A subsequent canvass of area hospitals led to Felix's discovery in Harlem Hospital, where he was being treated for an injured hand.

NYPD sources told the tabloid they believe Felix may have intended to burglarize Liz's apartment when he allegedly broke into her fourth-floor home some time before 4 a.m. on Saturday. Neighbors in Liz's building recalled hearing a loud fight inside of Liz's apartment, while police told the Post Felix is believed to have fought with Liz's adult son before stabbing her more than a dozen times and fleeing out onto the street.

Officers arrested Felix after his clothes matched witness descriptions from the scene of Liz's killing, the News reports. Police alleged that Felix used a crowbar to break into the apartment and used tape to cover holes he made in the apartment walls. Security footage shows Felix entering and exiting the apartment with a black backpack; NYPD officers found the same black backpack containing a knife, crowbar, and tape a block away from Harlem Hospital, prosecutors claimed.

"To know that a stranger can just come in the building and just murder somebody that lives on my floor that I used to see on a regular basis, say hello to, have conversations with—it's the scariest thing in the world," Randy Romero, a neighbor of Liz's, told NBC.

On Sunday, Felix was charged with second-degree murder and burglary and is being held without bail. He is due to return to Manhattan criminal court Friday.

"I've actually never seen her with a guy," Bernice Sosa, 40, told the News. "She's been living here for a little while, and she was very friendly."