Reader Yojimbot offers some photographs and perspective on the Sunday afternoon shooting where two 63-year-old women were injured on St. Nicholas Avenue near West 113th Street. On his blog Harlem Hybrid, he writes, "This is the 4th mass shooting of the Summer of '08, and it is only by the Grace of God, that no one has been killed yet as a result. It was this latest round, which took place on Sunday at 2pm in the afternoon, which was the most disturbing. The block was full of pedestrians and children, and the end result was that two elderly women were caught in the crossfire."

Apparently a man confronted someone else and shot him as he left one building. The other person then fired back. Yojimbot noticed two security cameras, "which hopefully captured the scene." Today, the police said there still no suspects.

There have been a number of shootings in Harlem this summer and just a few weeks ago, Harlem children rallied against gun violence. Two mothers started Harlem Mother SAVE (Stop Another Violent Event) after losing their children to gun violence.