The mysterious man who won half of the giant Mega Millions jackpot a couple weeks back when he bought his ticket at a Bronx bodega has finally come forward—and now he might wish that he had kept quiet about it. 49-year-old Jimmy Groves of Harlem gave the Post the usual "I'm going to Disney World" quote, but also revealed a darker side of letting people know about his newfound $168 million. Groves says that his "family is in a position of jeopardy" and has been receiving 40 calls a day from people hitting him up for a hand-out. He tells the paper, "I wake up every morning, and everyone is on me like stink on shit. I know people say, 'Give me that hell.' Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it." Groves may have wished for a little too much attention himself—he was seen last week "toting a store sign bearing the lottery prize amount." He'll be toting an even bigger sign with it soon when the lottery officials confirm that Groves won and throw him a press conference to present one of those snazzy giant checks. The Post says Groves has already quit his job stacking chairs overnight at Madison Square Garden and just this year had defaulted on a credit card.