2006_11_harrivdri.jpgPolice are looking for the driver of a cream-colored Lincoln livery cab in connection with the death of 15 year old Stephon Bacchiano on Halloween night. Bacchiano was hit by the car when crossing the Harlem River Drive, and the passenger stepped forward. She told police the driver said about Bacchiano, "He didn't belong on the highway anyway," and that the driver didn't stop. Bacchiano's mother said, "What goes around comes around. There's no way he will get away with this."

Police now believe that Bacchiano and his friends were throwing eggs at cars on the drive from the 155th Street bridge. The boys panicked when one black livery car stopped and ran away, fearing that the driver would chase them. Bacchiano tripped when crossing the highway's divider and was hit. While his death is considered an accident, police would probably charge the driver with leaving the scene of an accident.