2007_03_harlbldgcol.JPGAround 11:30AM, part of a building at 1863 Lexington Avenue, near 115th Street, collapsed with 12 construction workers inside. All workers were accounted for, and one worker was taken to a hospital for injuries. The building was being prepared for demolition, but now the building is considered unstable and neighboring buildings were evacuated.

WNBC points out that right before the collapse, someone complained to the Department of Buildings that there was shaking and vibrating at the building. There are a number of subway service alerts with service stopped near the building, as the DOB is worried more of it may collapse:

- There is no service on the 6 train between the 3rd Avenue-138th Street Station in the Bronx and the 86th Street Station in Manhattan.
- Also, there is no service on the 4 train between the 86th Street Station in Manhattan and the 149th Street Station in the Bronx.
- In addition, there is no service on the 5 train between the Bowling Green Station in Manhattan and the 149th Street Station in the Bronx. These service diversions are in effect in both directions.
- Shuttle bus service has been provided on the 6 line between the 149th Street-3rd Avenue Station and the 138th Street-3rd Avenue Station.
- Please expect delays in service on the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 trains. If possible, customers should utilize the lettered lines.

And there have been a couple fires today. A basement fire on West 65th off Central Park West where it was so smoky that FDNY used thermal imaging cameras to find people; also, rescue efforts may have been "hampered" by a locked security gate. Additionally, there was a fire at 53rd and Madison - a reader sent in this picture and writes, "There was a small explosion when this backhoe caught on fire, then a huge one a few minutes later that sent a fireball about 10 stories up the Omni Berkshire hotel next door. Lots of FDNY on the scene quickly."